Where to begin?

We all have busy lives. Perhaps put more positively, “full” lives. We have very full lives <g>. Why or how could we take on a project like a podcast? Good question! Honestly, we do not have a very good answer, or at least not one that makes a whole lot of sense. We are fans of Diana Gabaldon (sometimes called “Herself”) and her books. We are fans of Celtic stuff and All Things Scotland. But likely it is the convergence of many of our personal interests (Ginger: language, history, music, travel, medicine, science, etc.) and the upcoming Starz Network series ‘Outlander.’

So, without too much more ado, we suppose there is no way to start but to start. We have outlined some general ideas for at least a few episodes, and we hope to get the first one out in the not-too-distant future. If you would like to share some episode ideas, or ideas for segments, please feel free to email us at outlander pod (at) gmail (dot) com (remove spaces and use appropriate characters, respectively).

This is an exciting time, what with series announcement, casting announcements, and the ongoing #clairewatch2013 <g>, and even our first director announcement. Twitter has been perhaps the most active locus for All Things Outlander, at least since the announcement was made that Sam Heughan would be playing Jamie Fraser, the series’ male lead this past July. We look forward to experiencing this journey with you all in the coming months, and, God willing, years!


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5 Responses to Where to begin?

  1. Fawn (aka Damhnait) says:

    From your pod to Gods ears, hope it is years!

  2. Betsy says:

    I just listened to the first episode and it was great. I love the books as much as you guys. I do like the idea of the Clare watch drinking game

    • outlanderpod says:

      So glad you liked it! It’s a lot of fun to put together. One day, maybe we’ll include some silly outtakes. (They really do happen, and they are sometimes quite funny 🙂

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