Episode 18: Consummation

In this, our last episode of 2013, we discuss all the goodies the fans received this past wonderful Christmas week! More importantly, however, we get down to the bidness of Claire and Jamie gettin’ down to bidness. (Ginger is thankful she made it through the episode, and apologizes to Summer and Lanae for whatever it was that she typed on that sheet of paper.) Also, the mmphhh tally has begun: 3

A big thank-you to Lanae (@naeroozoo) for joining us this week.


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6 Responses to Episode 18: Consummation

  1. mandytidwell says:

    Listening to the podcast again because, hey, wedding night, and I had a thought about the ‘you’ and ‘ye’ debate. I wonder if Diana is using it as an example of how Jamie’s use of Scots words/dialect get more pronounced when he’s moved or excited. I don’t think Diana has actually mentioned that yet at this point in the story but it could be laying groundwork. And, Lord knows, Jamie is a bit excited at the time and definitely doesn’t like that Claire would think he might be less than honorable. I tend to think of ‘ye’ as Scots dialect and ‘you’ as more proper/formal English.

  2. outlanderpod says:

    That’s very possible. It could very easily reflect Jamie’s excitement. We all get a little tongue tied when we are nervous, excited, scared, or otherwise agitated.

  3. Just finished listening , enjoyed it thanks, 🙂

  4. I don’t get to listen to you guys whenever it becomes available, but I do listen when I can sit and relax and enjoy. You guys are great!!!

    • outlanderpod says:

      LOL Thank you very much! It really means a lot to us. You put something out there, into the ether… and just hope it doesn’t become lonely 😉 Thanks for listening 🙂

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