Episode 45: All about AudioGals

In this episode, we discuss recent announcements, and interview Lea Hensley of AudioGals.net about the site, its book reviews, and interviews. Be sure to check out AudioGals.net for an exciting week of Outlander!


About the AudioGals

We’re three Gals who love to listen to audiobooks—romance in particular. Hence, AudioGals is dedicated to all things romance audio—reviews, special events, opinion and commentary pieces, wish lists, giveaways, narrator friends, talk of upcoming releases, and written and recorded interviews or multi-person chats with authors, narrators, and publishers. Eleven audio reviewers provide their thoughts on their latest listens while we also feature general trends and happenings in the audio industry.

Brenda, our tech guru, adds technical advice and tutorials to make your listening easier. Occasionally, we feature other genres such as women’s fiction, urban fantasy, suspense, and mystery. We celebrate the excellence in romance audio and look forward to discovering audio treasures together. We hope you will join us in our journey!

Lea Hensley has written the Speaking of Audiobooks column since 2009, and in 2012, co-founded AudioGals, a site dedicated to audiobooks in general, and romance in particular. An advocate for quality audiobooks, Lea writes from the listener’s perspective and takes particular interest in converting print readers to audio listeners. She started the Romance Audiobooks Goodreads group in 2010 and remains as moderator. Lea regularly interviews authors and narrators as well as hosts themed romance audiobook events at AudioGals and Speaking of Audiobooks.

Check out the exciting week that AudioGals.net has planned!

Monday, July 7th: The Outlander Podcast Interviews Lea; Giveaway of Outlander Goodies Begins

Tuesday, July 8th: “A Romance Lover’s Guide to the Outlander Series”

Wednesday, July 9th: Lea Interviews Ginger & Summer from The Outlander Podcast

Thursday, July 10th: “The World of Diana Gabaldon and Outlander”

Friday, July 11th: Review of Written in My Own Heart’s Blood;  Giveaway Ends

Contact AudioGals  

Website: http://www.audiogals.net

Facebook AudioGals Community Page

Twitter: @AudioGals

A note from Lea: In my interview with Outlander Podcast (it was so much fun visiting with Ginger and Summer!), I stated something about An Echo in the Bone that was incorrect. I stated that the unabridged version was unavailable for purchase by consumers for a while after it was released, just as is the case with The Fiery Cross and A Breath of Snow and Ashes. That is true of the unabridged versions of TFC and ABOSAA—both were unavailable for years to consumers after their release in audio format (they may have been released in cassette or CD versions initially, but were considered hard-to-finds as consumers were unable to buy new hard copies). However, AEITB was available for purchase in unabridged format as soon as it was released in late 2009. Unless one purchased a used copy, new unabridged versions of TFC and ABOSAA were not available for purchase by consumers until 2011 although they were published in audio format in 2002 and 2005 respectively.


About outlanderpod

Ginger and Summer
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