Episode 50: Discussion of ‘Outlander’ Episode 101 “Sassenach”

We are very excited to start the show we have been looking forward to for almost a year:  discussions of the Starz Outlander series! In this episode, we discuss Episode 101 “Sassenach.”


Links related to Episode 101

Outlander Episode 101  “Sassenach” on IMDB

Ron Moore’s podcast on Episode 101 “Sassenach”

Bear McCreary’s blog post on Episode 101 “Sassenach”

Writer: Ronald D. Moore

Director: John Dahl


Links related to content mentioned in podcast

Janet Cadsawan’s Outlander-ly Line

MacLeod Banks, M. (1931). “A Hebridean Version of Colum Cille and St. Oran“. Folklore 42 (1): 55–60.


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6 Responses to Episode 50: Discussion of ‘Outlander’ Episode 101 “Sassenach”

  1. Mary Ann Martello says:

    First of all I loved the production, the cast, and the welcoming of the book fans to experience the making of Outlander. Brillant in all these aspects.
    That said I would’ve changed 2 scenes: Claire brushing her…she is not short tempered..if the condition of her bother her she would have smoothed it with water. The second scene was the one where she meets BJR..With her running through the forest avoiding redcoats she should have run right into BJR…the feel of him would have her asking if he were Frank. Again love.all about the series and anxiously look forward to the rest. TY.

    • outlanderpod says:

      Mary Ann, thank you for listening! All very fair points you make. We continue to find ourselves amazed at how much (so far?) the changes haven’t really “changed” much from what we know is in the book. We know they are doing a wonderful job, taking their time to make it the best piece they can. But yes, things like Downtown Frank, etc., will always cause us to pause, because we are so familiar with the story.

      We are anxious for the rest of the season, as well! 🙂

  2. About the encounter at the castle with Claire & Frank: Ron Moore said in his podcast that it was actually Chris Parnell with Starz who suggested inclusion of the one cut where Claire pushes Frank’s head downtown. Also, “young Claire’s” cigarette: the flame and the smoke were CGI.

    • outlanderpod says:

      Yes, I listened today 🙂 We recorded this discussion over a week ago, so there has naturally been information shared/discovered since then. (Loved Ron’s podcast, btw. Can’t wait to follow it throughout the series!) ~G

  3. NokomisFL says:

    Thanks for the head’s up on Ron Moore’s executive commentary. After listening to his BSG commentary I should have been expecting this.

    The reason the podcast follow the episode is because these will most likely be included on the DVDs as the commentary track like Ron did with BSG.

    • outlanderpod says:

      Of course! We also knew of his BSG commentary, and hoped that he’d do one for ‘Outlander’, as well. And we would be *thrilled* if they are also included in the DVDs.

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