Episode 53: Discussion of ‘Outlander’ Episode 104 “The Gathering”

In this episode, we discuss recent announcements and Episode 104 “The Gathering.”


Links related to Episode 104

Outlander Episode 104  “The Gathering” on IMDB

Ron Moore’s podcast on Episode 104 “The Gathering”

Bear McCreary’s blog post on Episode 104 “The Gathering”

Writer: Matt B. Roberts

Director: Brian Kelly

Geordie: Bryan Larkin


Links related to content mentioned in podcast

Tanistry (Source: Encycl0pedia Britannica)

Animal Congregations (Source: USGS: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center)



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4 Responses to Episode 53: Discussion of ‘Outlander’ Episode 104 “The Gathering”

  1. staci day says:

    I love your podcast. I’ve been listening for quite some time, and think you do a wonderful job. I just had a few comments about this week’s episode. It was great to see Diana Gabaldon in her cameo roll this week, she looked fabulous. Also, the wardrobe was particularly impressive in this episode, both gellis and Claire were beautifully dressed. Jamie was as well, though he looks good in anything, or nothing… there was a different attitude all together in this episode. Much more humor, I expect it had a lot to do with the gathering and all the festivities that went along with that. The boar hunt scene was just as emotional as I thought it would be. And I still want to dislike Dougal, but this scene made it much harder. Anyway, looking forward to this week’s podcast! Thanks for a great show. Have a good weekend!

  2. Jasmin says:

    I just say this: I love how Jamie looks like a beaten dog everytime Claire says she needs to get away… I want to hug him. The looks he gives her. He can’t really hide his feelings.

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