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With the excitement of the Starz original series, Outlander,  we wanted a way to experience the journey with other fans, and still include some of our own interests (that we hope you will find fun, too!). That was where the idea of a podcast came from: a way to follow this and, we hope, further seasons in matters related to Diana Gabaldon’s books, the Starz production, and other subjects directly, indirectly, or tangentially, related to Scotland. In other words, All Things Outlander.


Gosh, I hate talking about myself…  I would rather talk about literally ANYTHING. I am a pop culture junkie with a photographic memory for unimportant details. Seriously, if they had a Jeopardy-like game that was all about actors’ names and films they have been in, I would be the grand champion and RICH! So far this skill hasn’t proved to be very profitable. On a serious note, I am a longtime fan of Diana Gabaldon, and the Outlander series.  In fact, the only thing I am more obsessed with is my daughter.  When we started this podcast, I wasn’t sure anyone was going to listen… Thank you for proving me wrong!

This page is in the process of being updated. Thank you for your patience 🙂


5 Responses to About Pod

  1. I’ve been looking all over for a commemts section, but I guess there isn’t one, where I could see what whiskies (or whiskys) other listeners have already recommended, so that I wouldn’t send you duplications. First, the only thing I really enjoy drinking is not actually a whisky but a liqueur; Drambuie, which (supposedly) has Bonnie Prince Charlie connections. I bet you WILL like it. Actual single malt Scotch I have liked better at tastings (but I didn’t write any notes to be able to compare them, except that none I preferred are “peaty”!): Dalwhinnie, Balvenie, and Glenmorangie. I would REALLY like to taste Highland Park, since Sam said it was his favorite!b The only blended whisky I’ve tried and really liked was Bell’s. It also has a slogan I liked: “Afore ye go.” Slainte (which I think is supposed to have some kind of accent, but I don’t yet know how to get the accent thingy to come up on an iPad even if I remembered what kind of accent was supposed to go where).

    Kathryn S.
    Germantown, TN (Memphis suburb)

    • outlanderpod says:

      Kathryn, thank you for your very detailed suggestions! We have added your suggestions to our whiskys to taste, and will be choosing one for the next two May episodes.

  2. Nancy Wright says:

    This might be a question for a later episode but I’m afraid I’ll miss the right week and it’s kind of important to me. Claire’s successful efforts to bring Jamie back confused me so much in my first reading. However, I think the key is in Father Anselm’s comment to her about the conditions necessary for the commission of sin. “First, that it be wrong, and secondly, that you give full consent to it.” That’s really where Jamie found himself and it was completely devastating for him. Claire hoped she could enable Jamie to redeem himself by re-experiencing his time with BJR and exercising his will and fighting back. As a result he was able to experience grace.

    • outlanderpod says:

      Nancy, thank you for this excellent insight. I’m sure it will be a great discussion when we get to Chapter 39, “To Ransom a Man’s Soul.” I think you are correct that to/for Jamie, he needed this experience, this opportunity to fight back, to heal.

  3. Nancy Wright says:

    I do look forward to that episode. Thanks for your reply.

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