Ways to listen

Computer/desktop streaming

Host-site Channel – This is the most straightforward way to listen. Navigate to the Channel our generous host, Audioboom.fm, has set up for us. Here you’ll find every episode. Ever. Only the briefest descriptions of episodes are included. (You can also subscribe to our RSS feed at our host. Right-click “RSS” in the lower right corner of our channel page.)

iTunes – iTunes is very popular way to subscribe to and listen to your favorite podcasts. Subscribe here and never miss an episode!

Stitcher Radio – Another site we have connected with to provide listeners more options. Add The Outlander Podcast™ to your playlist and never miss an episode.

StoryPress – You can now find us on StoryPress.com. We will be adding more content to our page there, as well as some images.

Mobile streaming

Audioboom app  for iOS devices – This is the most portable way to listen to our podcast. Navigate to our channel (search for “The Outlander Podcast™”) and you are set!

Audioboom app for Android devices – We have been told that the Android app is working well!

Stitcher Radio app for Android devices

Stitcher Radio app for iOS devices

StoryPress app for Android devices

StoryPress app for iOS devices

8 Responses to Ways to listen

  1. Rachel Ely says:

    I listen to you guys on Podcast Addict, app for Android. Love listening to you guys!

  2. RB says:

    I use BeyondPod podcatcher for Android and all I can get is text. Can you add an RSS feed for the audio?
    Thnx from Northwest Nowhere

  3. RB says:

    PS, love yr show!

  4. Hi! When you guys refer to pictures from the show where can I find them to look at? Thx!

  5. Raquel Garcia says:

    Hi! ANOTHER Rachel here — Really waiting for April 4 for Episode !09 “The Reckoning” Tell me MORE. Thxs

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