Award-winning Scottish folk singer, Eilidh Grant (@Eilidh_Grant): Episode 6: A Scottish guest and an Outlander read-along

Audie-award winning voice actor, and narrator of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, Davina Porter: Episode 13: An interview with Davina Porter

Professional chef, Theresa Carle-Sanders of The Outlander Kitchen (@OutlanderKitchn): Episode  16: Outlander Kitchen and Claire’s gizzard

Native Scot and non-native Gàidhlig learner, Arlen Donald (@dreadgerbil): Episode 22: Burns, Day and Night

Historian and real-life Battlemaster, Dave Weinczok (@daveweinczok): Episode 25: Mélange

Podcaster, crochet & knitwear designer, and author Marly Bird (@Marly_Bird)Episode 27: Not just sunshine- and rainbow-colored yarn

James Morrison, Secretary of the National Capital Tartan Day CommitteeEpisode 32: Tartan Day talk

Fiber-/needle-art fiend, Diane (@Shekure) and husband Arlen Donald (@dreadgerbil): Episode 34: Jamie’s drawers of many colors

Lea Hensley, co-founder AudioGals (@AudioGals): Episode 45: All about AudioGals

Post-MOBY recording, Davina Porter: Episode 47: Welcome back, Porter

Tartan-carpet interviews with Maril Davis (@TallShipProds), Bear McCreary (@BearMcCreary), Lotte Verbeek (@lotteverbeek1), Nell Hudson (@nellrosehudson), Diana Gabaldon (@writer_dg), Ron D. Moore (@RonDMoore), Graham McTavish (@grahammctavish), Tobias Menzies (@TobiasMenzies), Caitriona Balfe (@caitrionambalfe), Sam Heughan (@heughan): Episode 48: Pod goes to Con and a Carpet 

The Author, Herself, Diana GabaldonEpisode 49: An interview with Diana Gabaldon

Gàidhlig educator, passionate Scot, and beloved Outlander language coach, Àdhamh Ó Broin  (@An_Comhghallach): Episode 56: A conversation with Àdhamh Ó Broin and Episode 65: Speaking ‘Outlander’ and sundry with Àdhamh Ó Broin

Fine jewelry designer,  Janet Cadsawan, joined us to discuss her background, her love of books, and her marriage of fantastic story with beautiful jewelry: Episode 61: An interview with Janet Cadsawan

Outlander‘s Gwyllyn the Bard, Gillebride MacMillan, joined us to discuss his music and his work on Outlander in Episode 68: An interview with ‘Outlander’s’ bard, Gillebride MacMillan

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