Chapter 1: A New Beginning

Chapter 2: Standing Stones

Chapter 3: The Man in the Wood

Chapter 4: I Come to the Castle

Chapter 5: The MacKenzie

Chapter 6: Colum’s Hall

Chapter 7: Davie Beaton’s Closet

Chapter 8: An Evening’s Entertainment

Chapter 9: The Gathering

Chapter 10: The Oath-taking

Chapter 11: Conversations with a Lawyer

Chapter 12: The Garrison Commander

Chapter 13: A Marriage is Announced

Chapter 14: A Marriage Takes Place

Chapter 15: Revelations of the Bridal Chamber

Chapter 16: One Fine Day

Chapter 17: We Meet a Beggar

Chapter 18: Raiders in the Rocks

Chapter 19: The Waterhorse

Chapter 20: Deserted Glades

Chapter 21: Un Mauvais Quart d’Heure after Another

Chapter 22: Reckonings

Chapter 23: Return to Leoch

Chapter 24: By the Pricking of My Thumbs – Part 1

Chapter 24: By the Pricking of My Thumbs – Part 2

Chapter 25: Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live

Chapter 26: The Laird’s Return

Chapter 27: The Last Reason

Chapter 28: Kisses and Drawers

Chapter 29: More Honesty

Chapter 30: Conversations by the Hearth

Chapter 31: Quarter Day

Chapter 32: Hard Labor

Chapter 33: The Watch

Chapter 34: Dougal’s Story

Chapter 35: Wentworth Prison

Chapter 36: MacRannoch

Chapter 37: Escape

Chapter 38: The Abbey

Chapter 39: To Ransom a Man’s Soul

Chapter 40: Absolution

Chapter 41: From the Womb of the Earth

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